Compact Airlock Tamis Pharmaceutiques

The Compact Airlock Sieve eliminates precisely the refusal contaminants: it improves product quality while safeguarding your reputation. The design of the sieve is consistent good manufacturing practice and is based on lines simple and clean, which facilitates and improves sanitation performance.This screener can significantly improve the containment of a product through its system of pneumatic clamping TLI (Twist, Lock and Inflate) patented. It reduces dust and improves safety protects the health of your operators. With this clamping system innovative, the Airlock has reached the limits of Exposure (OELs) of less than 1 in independent testing ĩg/m3 (SMEPAC).The unit is perfectly suited to the screening of product safety  incoming upstream of your processes to the finished powder below your production facilities.

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