Par: Lika Electronic  09/07/2012
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HM58 P is the most complete series of fully programmable absolute encoders available in the market today. It really do provides one single encoder able to perfectly suit your needs in a good many applications and machines. Whatever mechanical configuration (hollow or solid shaft), resolution (singleturn up to 18 bits, multiturn up to 14 bits) or interface (serial SSI or bit parallel) you may need, HM58 P is the unparalleled choice. HM58 P encoder can be easily and freely programmed from any Windows pc using a software tool developed by Lika Electronic and offered at no charge. Connection to the encoder simply requires a USB serial cable pre-wired to mate with the wide range of connectors available. HM58 P encoder can be programmed to accommodate any demand such as: - to scale any value exactly to the needed resolution, between 1 and 262144 information per turn (18-bit singleturn) and between 1 and 16384 turns (14-bit multiturn) for an overall 32-bit resolution!; - to precisely enter a well-known linear or angular displacement by setting a value ranging between 21 and 232; - to define any axis travel by simply setting the start and stop reference points with two mouse clicks thanks to the user-friendly Teach-in procedure. The software tool further provides multiple benefit features and allows the user: - to set the parity bit either to even or odd for data transmission error checking; - to set the output coding among Gray, Binary and BCD; - to set counting direction and zero-setting / offset (hardware inputs also available); - to scale whatever cyclic travel, even though not a power of 2, aside from the physical resolution of the encoder, without hitting any counting errors. As previously stated, HM58 P encoder is offered with either SSI serial or bit parallel interface (and even analogue version right now!). Also SSI is fully configurable as needed, thus you can choose right-aligned, left-aligned or tree-format protocol; set the number of clocks from 1 to 32; set the pause time between consecutive clock sequences. While bit parallel interface implements negate function in order to operate in inverted logic as well as Latch and Tristate inputs. HM58 P encoder boasts impressive high resolution up to 32 bits and employs optical technology, thus it is insensitive to magnetic fields and does not require batteries. Output connection can be either radial or axial for both cable and connector options. Mechanically it affords standard 58-mm flange diameter housing with IP67 protection rate (IP65 on shaft side) and both hollow (Ø 14, 15 mm) and solid (Ø 6, 8, 9.52, 10, 11, 12 mm) shafts. A wide variety of mounting solutions is available for quick, safe and low-cost installation.

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Aperçu New fieldbus versions to grow the E- series encoder offer de Lika Electronic

New fieldbus versions to grow the E- series encoder offer

A new generation of CANopen, Profibus and DeviceNet encoders is now available from Lika Electronic to complement its popular E- series range.

Aperçu Encoders for Industrial Robots, Motors and OEM applications de Lika Electronic

Encoders for Industrial Robots, Motors and OEM applications

At latest SPS IPC Drives exhibition in Nuremberg Lika Electronic especially focused on the range of encoders designed to be integrated into robotic systems as well as into motors and OEM applications. They are compact and modular and tailored to exactly meet the specific needs of the individual automation processes.

Aperçu Heavy-duty encoders for shipbuilding industry de Lika Electronic

Heavy-duty encoders for shipbuilding industry

Encoders for shipbuilding industry, marine installations and offshore facilities are born out of Lika's long-standing, solid experience in the field. They are designed to cope with extreme and high aggressive environmental conditions. Stainless steel enclosures and special surface treatments and sealings ensure safe protection against salt water and corrosion. They are rugged and can withstand heavy mechanical stresses, shocks and vibrations and large temperature fluctuations up to -40°C +100°C

Aperçu ATEX certified encoders de Lika Electronic

ATEX certified encoders

Lika Electronic has developed a comprehensive range of ATEX certified encoders: XC77 series, XAC77 series and XAC80 series. They are designed to cover a wide variety of critical applications in hazardous and harsh areas “in which explosive atmospheres caused by gases, vapours, mists or air/dust mixtures are likely to occur occasionally” (category 2 encoders) and “in which explosive atmospheres caused by gases, vapours, mists, or air/dust mixtures are unlikely to occur or, if they do occur, are

Aperçu Programmable draw-wire encoder, a first for market! de Lika Electronic

Programmable draw-wire encoder, a first for market!

Lika Electronic introduces a new range of incremental and absolute draw-wire encoders with increased measuring lengths up to 5,000 mm (196.85”) and 10,000 mm (393.7”). Worthy of remark the first cable-pulling measuring system with integral programmable incremental encoder.

Aperçu All-round wheeled encoder for conveyor systems de Lika Electronic

All-round wheeled encoder for conveyor systems

IR01 is the underbelt measuring system encompassing a double rubber wheel with integrated incremental encoder and the mounting support in the same package. Easy to install, it tracks displacements more precisely.

Aperçu SMP encoder for linear guideways de Lika Electronic

SMP encoder for linear guideways

SMP is the magnetic encoder designed for feedback on linear guideways, carriages, slides, positioning tables and all applications that need the scale to be mounted laterally.

Aperçu Un codeur, 65.536 codeurs de Lika Electronic

Un codeur, 65.536 codeurs

Les codeurs incrémentaux programmables IQ58/IP58 de Lika Electronic sont conçus expressément pour être polyvalents et adaptables aux exigences spécifiques de chaque utilisateur. Ils garantissent un paramétrage complet au moyen du PC et proposent une large gamme d'options de connexion mécaniques et électriques. Ils sont donc entièrement personnalisables et offrent une flexibilité absolue pour répondre aux besoins industriels les plus pointus.

Aperçu Best in price analogue encoder de Lika Electronic

Best in price analogue encoder

With its quality feature set and the attractive price tag, MS40 series from Lika Electronic further grows adding the 4-20 mA and 0-10V analogue interface today.

Aperçu Tough for rough! de Lika Electronic

Tough for rough!

MMK36 is the only multiturn absolute encoder with bearingless shaft in the market. Still it is capable of reliably and safely withstanding the most aggressive environmental conditions and ideally suited even for position measurements at speeds up to 4,000 RPM.

Aperçu SFP draw-wire encoders gain analogue outputs de Lika Electronic

SFP draw-wire encoders gain analogue outputs

Lika Electronic is releasing new SFP series cable-pulling encoders that provide linear position feedback over distances from 300 mm / 11.8” to 2000 mm / 78.7” and analogue outputs now.

Aperçu SSI to Profibus IF55 gateway de Lika Electronic

SSI to Profibus IF55 gateway

Connect your Lika SSI encoder to Profibus with the new IF55 gateway. IF55 gateway allows complete integration and full compliance with the Profibus-DP protocol.

Aperçu Change-over at your fingertips de Lika Electronic

Change-over at your fingertips

LDT10 is the HMI touch panel specifically designed to easily interface and configure Lika RD rotary actuators, so auxiliary axes are more intuitive to operate and change-over operations become as fast as one touch.

Aperçu The bearingless solution for torque motors and heavy-duty applications de Lika Electronic

The bearingless solution for torque motors and heavy-duty applications

SMRI from Lika Electronic is the miniature encoder intended for installation in dynamic and demanding rotary motion systems. It ensures safe and reliable operation even in harsh environments. A wide range of custom ring diameters and resolutions is available on request.

Aperçu Flat Design with Hollow Through Bore de Lika Electronic

Flat Design with Hollow Through Bore

CH59 from Lika Electronic is the new incremental optical encoder featuring an extremely slim enclosure and high resolutions up to remarkable 204,800 PPR. Designed for electro-medical applications, analysis and laboratory equipment, motor testbeds.