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Par: Dia Export Ltd,  11/07/2013
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Thai Fisherman Pants ... pants are the traditional wrap pants from Thailand Originally they were made to the fishermen the best possible freedom of movement and comfort during their work to enable. Today, these pants will by its universal properties in various recreational and sports activities more and more supporters. Relaxation at home Sauna Meditation Massage Pilates Beach wear Yoga Wellness As Pajama / Sleep Pants Muay Thai Boxing Dance Pants Pregnancy / maternity clothes Pilates Summer Clothing Adjust M - XXXL and are unisex. Due to their special winding technology in general and the pants length is extremely variable. Cotton: Compared with synthetic fibers, cotton is very absorbent and can absorb up to 80% of its weight in water. Cotton fabrics are considered very comfortable on the skin and have an extremely low allergy potential. Because of their high abrasion resistance and tear strength it also provides higher loads. Cotton is absorbent and absorbs body moisture, for example. They accumulate but do not, but gives them evenly into the environment without having to go to tactile evaporative cooling. The colors and presentation of the images may deviate slightly from the original!

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