Continuous North Finding Gyro ER-01C

Continuous North Finding Gyro ER-01C de Ericco International Limited

Par: Ericco International Limited  16/06/2014
Mots-clés : borehole orientation equipment, downhole survey equipment, borehole directional gyro,

1. CG gyro main features: l Automatically north finding. l High measurement accuracy, both the slim and large inclination are guaranteed. l Continuous measurement, dynamical real time recording. l Fast measurement speed, reach to 5000m/hr or more. l Shock resistance, vibration, high reliability. l Simple, easy to use, save time l Chinese /English software interface, completely recording. l Automatic drift correction 2. Main performance and specifications: Model: ER-01C 1). Parameters can be measured: Inclination, azimuth, high side toolface, north direction toolface,and probe temperature. 2). Measurement accuracy(1σ): Azimuth: 0~360 deg, error: ≤0.5 deg Inclination: 0~85deg, error: ≤0.1deg Gravity toolface: 0~360deg, error: ≤1.5 deg North direction toolface: 0~360deg, error: ≤0.5deg 3). Environment condition: Operating temperature:‐20℃~90℃ Pressure: 80 Mpa Shock: 700g, 0.5ms, ½sine 4). Outside dimension: Downhole probe outside dimension: 45mm, Downhole probe length: 1120mm, Total length of downhole tools: 4550mm, Centralizer length 566mm, Extra heavy bar length: 1000mm, Standard R-type single-point guide shoe or standard E-type guide shoe. 5).Test software: V2.0.0.1 Gyro inclinometer dedicated software. 6).Measuring method: Trajectory measurements: continuous, Measurement speed:

Mots-clés : borehole directional gyro, borehole orientation equipment, continuous gyro, continuous north seeking gyro, directional drilling gyro, downhole survey equipment,

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Continuous North Finding Gyro ER-01A

Application: Old wellbore trajectory retest, new well wellbore trajectory measurement. Directional well, Cluster wells toolface orientation. Casing window whipstock orientation. Offshore platforms cluster wells measurement and orientation.

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Application (1). Whipstock orientation, old wells sidetracking. (2). Oriented perforating for production engineering. (3). Cluster wells oriented, for directional survey under the environment of magnetic interference which may produced by the adjacent wells. (4). Trajectory retest, borehole trajectory measurement inside of the casing.


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