China valve is hard to come on stage

Par: Jeasin Valve Industry Co.,Ltd  10/08/2013
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In recent years, China's valve industry into a period of rapid development, has become Asia's largest valve processing center, one of the world's largest valve market. But China's valve products per capita consumption level is not high, in the world is now only $22 per capita. Power station valve, chemical valve, the valve and the rise of building materials and food with the valve, show broad prospects, market attractive. As the world economic recovery, China's valve products import and export has also grown, but due to the high-end technology, there is still a large gap compared with foreign manufacturers in the future for a period, product technology will become a bottleneck restricting the development of China's valve products. At present, China's valve industry there are still some problems, such as leading enterprises in China valve is given priority to with low level, small, cottage industry enterprises. On the products, due to the repeated investment, technology transfer enough, the leading enterprises in China valve products is still low-quality mass products. It is understood that at present our country enterprise production of a common valve leakage, leakage, appearance quality is not high, short life, and not flexible operating valve electric device and pneumatic devices such unreliable shortcomings of some products is only equivalent to the international level of the early 1980 s, some high temperature and high pressure valves and key device need still rely on imports. In previous years, the domestic industrial enterprises valve "to" the development trend of obvious, industry internal enterprise at that time, although many, but because of the low cost and competition is intense, most companies are relying on lower price to gain market, as a result, corporate profits is very low, basically can only reach the state of the maintain production, but it is hard to make money is the consequences of low prices, low added value, low profits, enterprises do not have enough capital to sustainable development. It is difficult to ascend, unable to progress, industry enterprises be, lead to better not tide. Companies don't have enough funds guarantee, will not be able to improve the design of the product and technology content, copying and accept overseas orders for manufacture into the final choice of enterprise survival. This will inevitably lead to domestic valve parts miss the high-end market. Continued bullish in the macroeconomic situation, the valve industry for most of the production and sales indicators are maintained a rapid growth, but because of the influence of the price war, industry sales revenue and profits have dropped sharply over the last year. But on the whole, China's valve industry market concentration degree is low, in order to produce middle-end products. With the core technology, domestic enterprises, there is still a gap compared with developed countries in the world. As the related industrial field is plural, longitudinal deepening development trend, the identity of the valve products has been gradually by extending a broader industrial commodity character, high and new technology puts forward higher requirements on the valve products. At the same time, all kinds of scrap valve products task of environmental protection treatment, recycling and reuse, will become more difficult.

Mots-clés : Ball Valves, safety valves, Valve

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