Huile de Pépin de figue de barbarie bio

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Par: Prick-Argan-cosmetics Oils   27/06/2014
Mots-clés : Huile Essentielles, seed oil prickly pear

Technical Data Sheet seed oil prickly pear commercial name : Seed oil prickly pear Botanical name : Opuntia Ficus Indica Origin : Morocco Category: Vegetable Oil Use: Cosmetic Process of obtaining: Extraction by first cold pressing Quality: 100% pure and natural, virgin, first cold pressed without no chemical treatment, without, additions or preservatives. Culture : organic (picking wild natural environment) Physical Aspects: - Appearance: oily liquid end - Color: yellow green - Touch: dry oil, absorbs quickly. - Sensitivity: Sensitive Oil. - Storage: Store in a dry place, away from heat, light and air Chemical composition: • linoleic acid (omega 6): 65-68% • palmitic acid: 13-16% • Stearic acid: 3-4% • Oleic acid: 18-21% • Total Tocopherol: 1700-1855mg/Kg Properties: Powerful Anti-Aging The oil of prickly pear is a powerful antioxidant that concentrated fills wrinkles and provides a tightening effect. This oil is a true elixir of rejuvenation for the face, body and hair. INCI : Opuntia ficus indica seed oil N° CAS : 90082 – 21 – 6 N° EINECS : 290 – 109 – 1 Douane Code: 33 04 99 00 10

Mots-clés : Huile Essentielles, seed oil prickly pear

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